Medication Syncronization

Are your prescription refills scattered throughout the month?

We offer MED SYNCING! Med Sync allows patients to pick up all of their prescription refills at the pharmacy on a single, convenient day each month.

Ask about our Prescription Packing System

Each package is made up of 28 individual blisters containing a patient's prescribed medication for a specific time and date. Blister packs are personalized according to each patient's needs. The individual blisters are labeled with the patient's name, date, time, and medications contained. They are easy to open and can be detached from the card for easy portability. Each card is even COLOR CODED for the time of day medications should be taken.

Unit Dose Packaging

Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage Of This:

  • Easy to Open
  • Cleaner and more convenient than traditional pill boxes
  • Reduces the risk of errors in taking your medication
  • Improves medication adherence
  • Detachable & Portable
  • You never have to call in your refills. We take care of it FOR YOU!